Ladies, tired of the roller coaster ride, and relationship stagnancy caused by men's romantic leading?

Unleash The Power of Feminine Leading! 


Unlock The Love You've Always Dreamed Of On YOUR Timeline... not his!

Ladies, tired of the roller coaster ride, and relationship stagnancy caused by men's romantic leading?

Unleash the Power of Feminine Leading

Unlock The Love You've Always Dreamed Of On YOUR Timeline... not his!

Unlock the Secrets of Dating Mastery with Women Lead Men Follow: Join Our Exclusive Community Today!

Discover the Proven Formula to Have Your Dates Happily Shower You with Gifts, Even If They've Never Done It Before. Plus, Gain Access to a Wealth of Dating Secrets That Will Transform Your Love Life! 


"I'm an older woman who has been off the dating horse for a long time.
It's been 8 months now since I took the Dating Blueprint Course and after following the guidelines, I started a whirlwind romance with a Harvard professor. Yesterday, he got down on one knee and proposed. I can't even put into words how elated I am. I simply had to share this incredible news! Women Lead Men Follow absolutely works."

-Elizabeth Snyder (Retired Financial Advisor)

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you a single woman who yearns to be in a loving, committed relationship, but find yourself frustrated by the challenges of finding a compatible partner? Are you tired of going on one-off dates that lead nowhere, or endlessly swiping through dating apps without getting the results you truly desire?
  • ​Perhaps you're a successful career woman, excelling in your professional life, but struggling to find the same level of success in your romantic life. Despite your achievements, do you long for a partner who understands and supports you in all aspects of your life?
  • ​Are you stuck in a stagnant relationship that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and questioning if he’ll ever propose?
  • Do you desire marriage and children, but worry that time is slipping away without finding the right partner to share your life with? Deep down, do you long for a beautiful love story, but fear that it's just a fairy tale?

"Unleash Your Dating Potential"

"The Women Lead Men Follow: Dating MASTERY membership is a transformative journey that goes beyond conventional dating advice. The Dating Blueprint Course is a comprehensive guide to not only understanding but mastering the intricacies of relationships. The bonus materials and masterclasses are like having a secret weapon in the dating world. The community membership and direct access to Simone Idalia Master provide a supportive environment that makes this network stand out. If you want to unleash your dating potential, this is the place to be!"

- Monique Barr (Age 37, Entrepreneur)

We Built the Women Lead Men Follow Community to Start a Woman’s Dating Revolution! 

You might be wondering if this community is the right fit for you, and it's only natural to have questions.

Let's address some common misconceptions right off the bat:

  • At Women Lead Men Follow, We're not about women chasing men or doing all the work. Quite the opposite, actually. We believe in empowering you to take charge of your dating journey while letting men do the heavy lifting.
  • Why: When you take the lead without doing the heavy lifting, men are still responsible for asking you out, planning and paying for dates, buying you thoughtful gifts, and asking you those significant commitment questions. The only difference is that now they do it on YOUR timeline.
  • Why is this Important: You'll unlock the love you've always dreamed of on YOUR terms. It's truly magical how men naturally fall into step, knowing exactly how to show up for you. It's a refreshing change from the traditional dynamic where you're left waiting and hoping for them to catch up, commit, or make a move.
  • And the best part? You'll effortlessly take the lead without him even realizing it, so no need to worry about bruising his fragile ego. With this, you can bid farewell to the frustration of men's romantic leading, which often leaves you and your relationship in a perpetual state of uncertainty.
  • In our community, You'll discover clarity, answers, and step-by-step guidance to create the relationship of your dreams on YOUR terms, not his. Join a vibrant community of like-minded women and relationship experts who have already walked the walk and are ready to support you on your journey. It's time to unlock the relationship answers you've been seeking. Learn how you can finally put yourself first and STILL win in love.​

Here’s How I Can Help

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Unleash the Revolutionary Power of Feminine Leading Without Lifting! Get Your Dream Relationship On YOUR Terms!

  • Discover the Women Lead Men Follow: Dating Blueprint Course and Transform Your Love Life: You will learn how to get your dream man to ask you out, what to do and say from your first date onward, when to be hot and cold - no more lukewarm relationships. To how to get him to ask you to marry him on YOUR timeline!
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with you.
  • ​💝 Subtle Suggestion Technique to receive thoughtful gifts
  • ​💝 Subtle lead of the metaphoric fishing line approach to reel him back in.
  • ​💝 Subtle lead for ​commitment which gets him asking the big commitment questions and proposing on YOUR timeline.

Dive into these Invaluable Never-Before-Told Dating Secrets that set you apart and give you the winning edge.

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"Before I discovered the Dating Quick Bundle Masterclass, I faced the same dating challenges that many of us do. I struggled with self-confidence, felt overwhelmed by online dating, and found it difficult to set boundaries in my relationships. However, this life-changing course provided me with practical strategies and empowering insights. Now, I'm ready to navigate the dating world with ease and find the love and partner I've always dreamed of."

- Janelle Brown (Age 28, Make-up Artist)


Unlock the Secrets of Feminine Leading with Me!

I’’m Simone

Unlock the Secrets of Feminine Leading with Me!

I'm Simone

Get ready for a Woman's Dating Revolution unlike anything you've ever seen before! Hey there, I'm Simone Idalia Master, and I'm about to change the dating game.

Whether you're a single woman wanting a relationship, stuck in a stagnant relationship, dreaming of marriage and kids, or a single professional woman wanting a fulfilling partnership, I've got you covered.

Imagine a world where you don't have to wait for some guy to choose you. Where you can be the boss without bruising his fragile ego. Where you can have the relationship you want on YOUR terms.

I'm not your typical dating guru. I don't play by the same old rules. I'm here to show you how to flip the script and take control of your love life like a true boss.

With over 10 years of experience as a successful dating coach and armed with a degree in Family Science from the University of Maryland, I've cracked the code to feminine leading without lifting a finger. No matter where you are in your relationship journey, I can guide you to success.

I've helped hundreds of women just like you snag the partner of their dreams - on THEIR timeline, quickly, easily, and affordably. You deserve nothing less.

Women are in charge of the timeline while men are STILL in charge of the heavy lifting which speaks directly to their sense of autonomy - it's a total win-win.

Picture this: the guy plans the dates, foots the bill, surprises you with gifts, and pops those big commitment questions on YOUR timeline. He's doing the heavy lifting, which speaks directly to his sense of autonomy. While you get the man of your dreams on YOUR timeline. It's a total win-win.

No more wasting precious years waiting relying on men's romantic leading. It's time to rewrite the rules of dating and create your happily ever after.

Join me in unlocking the secrets of feminine leading and experience a love story that's worthy of a blockbuster movie.

Are you ready to be the leading lady? Let's make it happen.

"I was paying most of the bills…"

"Simone gets results. Before working with Simone I had a fiancée who I did not really want to marry since I was paying most of the bills. After working with Simone I was able to leave my then Fiancée, meet my husband who provides. He proposed in less than a year. Simone’s formula works!"."

- Millie Spreddie (Age 53, Teacher)





Welcome to a new, upward way of dating where Women Lead, Men Follow AND men do the heavy lifting.  Experience the confidence, joy, and dating know-how, you wish you knew your whole life!  Feel empowered with the right tools to take back your Divine Feminine Prowess. Get the love life you want and deserve on YOUR timeline, not his!

Join the Women Lead Men Follow: Dating Mastery Community. The best community for women seeking their dream relationship on THEIR timeline… not his.

"The masterclasses provide real-world examples that make the concepts easy to apply"

"I was initially hesitant about the investment, but the All-Access Dating Mastery membership has exceeded all expectations. The Women Lead Men Follow: Dating Blueprint Course is a wealth of knowledge, and the bonus materials are like icing on the cake. The masterclasses provide real-world examples that make the concepts easy to apply. The monthly Q&A sessions add tremendous value. I've not only transformed my love life but also gained insights that extend to other aspects of my personal growth. The value-to-results ratio is incredible."

- Krystal Sammon  (Age 33, Human Resources)

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"I used to struggle with getting noticed…"

"I used to struggle with getting noticed. Discovering Women Lead Men Follow was a turning point for me. Now, thanks to Women Lead Men Follow I'm getting asked out and being showered with meaningful presents from my dates."

- Penny Peng (Age 38, Translator)

Unlock the Secrets of Dating Mastery with Women Lead Men Follow: Join Our Exclusive Community Today! 

Discover the Proven Formula to Have Your Dates Happily Shower You with Gifts, Even If They've Never Done It Before. Plus, Gain Access to a Wealth of Dating Secrets That Will Transform Your Love Life!