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Simone is a true master of the lost art of feminine leading without lifting. With over a decade of empowering women worldwide, she has unraveled the hidden secrets behind dating and relationship woes, guiding countless women to transformative love journeys..

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Hey There!

Curious if becoming a leading woman is your thing?


Hey There!

Curious if becoming a leading woman is your thing?


Simone Adalia Master


Hello THERE! I'M

Simone Idalia Master

I can relate to your journey: I've tried various dating apps, read countless relationship books, but something was always missing. My relationships would fizzle out, and I couldn't figure out why.

However, a significant shift occurred. Through sharing insights with my online community of women and experimenting with different strategies, I uncovered a "secret formula" that had long eluded me. I finally grasped the essence of successful relationships and what sets them apart.

The intriguing part: It's not about fate, physical appearance, or mere chance. It's about consistent self-investment. I'm here to guide you on leading the pace of your relationship while still allowing the man to do the courting.

When you lead effortlessly, dating becomes a joy. It eliminates uncertainties, making the dating process seamless.

And here's the exciting news:
You can secure the commitment you desire on YOUR terms, not his. No more waiting in uncertainty, pondering if he'll take the next step. Armed with the right tools and strategies, you can craft a relationship that aligns with your aspirations.

Ready to uncover the power of leading without lifting? Join me and let's redefine dating together! Embrace the journey toward lasting love and the relationship of your dreams.



Simone Idalia Master

I've been in your shoes. I've tried every dating app, read countless relationship books, but something was always missing. My relationships would fizzle out, and I couldn't figure out why.

But then, everything changed. Through sharing dating advice with my online tribe of women and testing strategies through my own trial and error, I discovered the "secret formula" that had eluded me for so long. I finally understood why some relationships work while others don't.

Here's the exciting part: It's not about luck, looks, or destiny. It's about consistently showing up for yourself. I'm here to show you how to lead in your relationship while still allowing the man to do the heavy-lifting.

When you lead without lifting, dating becomes effortless. It takes away all the guesswork and makes dating easy.

And here's the best part: You will get the commitment you want on YOUR timeline, not his. No more waiting around, wondering if he's ever going to take the next step. You'll have the tools and strategies to create a relationship that meets your needs and desires.

Are you ready to discover the power of leading without lifting? Join me and let's make dating a breeze! Together, we'll unlock the secrets to lasting love and create the relationship of your dreams.



Just About Me


It was the summer of '06, and I landed my first "big girl" job at a medical school. Little did I know, it would become a crash course in dating and men.

From Steve, the older VP who covered his ring finger whenever he was around me. I didn’t know I had to look at a man’s hand to annotate his relationship status. Don’t worry, I wised up pretty quickly.

To stingy Joe who wouldn’t even pay for my $3 meal when we ate lunch together. Was this how dating was supposed to be? I had no damn clue. Except that it made me uncomfortable that he didn't even offer.

How about fine ass John who asked me out but I lied and told him I was in a relationship to prove to him how desirable I was. When inside I died a little because I really wanted to date him.

And sweet David who was flunking out of medical school but had genuine feelings for me.

Dating felt like a mystery I couldn't solve. Until I learned to read the signs and value myself.  


After transitioning to the military, new lessons in men, women, and relationships unfolded. Basic training stirred unexpected crushes, revealing the power of proximity and shared experiences. 

How about all 54 of my boot-camp sisters and I (although I wouldn’t admit it) started to develop an immense crush on our married instructor. Who by the way was nothing to write home about. But 8 weeks of basic training and his foreboding presence did something to us.

But in the midst of that I learned how to really date once I entered the military. Men began to pursue me effortlessly. I received gifts, surprises, and attention without trying. Yet, I wasn't ready for commitment at the time. The lessons on attraction and enjoyment were invaluable.

Then something happened around this time that set my feminine leading without lifting in motion.


2012 - KEVIN

Kevin had done it. He had pushed my last fucking buttons and our friendship would soon be over.

I had asked his ass if he could take me to the phone store the following day so I could get my phone fixed. I didn’t have a car yet and he was my go to friend with a car.

Kevin decided to get bold with me. He told me sure and then added a caveat that I need to call him tomorrow to remind him in case he forgets.

“In case you forget! Do you have a memory problem?” I asked him with an attitude.

“Look” I said, without giving him a chance to answer.

“Do you think because I don’t have a car I need you. Don’t get it twisted, there’s other people I can call right now who will take me. So just let me know from now if you’ll remember or if I need to get someone else.”

He started stuttering, “Sorry, sorry Simone, no I can remember for sure, it’s just … sorry.”

“Ok.” I said.

On the dot the next day he was there. But something had changed in him. He was now a bit nervous around me, a bit unsure and on his best behavior not wanting to piss me off.

And then the unexpected happened 2 weeks later. One night after coming back home from a fun activity Kevin DROPPED a bomb on me that caught me off fucking guard!



I went from not knowing how to get men to take our relationship to the next phase to Kevin, MY FRIEND asking me to be his girlfriend without me doing anything or knowing what I did.

But we weren’t even dating, so how could I be his girlfriend? Oh shit, did Kevin think us hanging out were dates? Shit, he probably did. Was I unconsciously leading him to this destination? I think so, but how?

And how could I make it work consciously and all the time with the men I actually wanted to date? I would soon find the answers in the lost art of feminine leading without lifting.

“No” I said “I’m sorry” as I practically ran out of his car in shock while I left him in my parking lot in tears.

That experience started my fascination and deep dive into men, relationships and their intricacies.

The art of leading without lifting began to take shape, leading to unforeseen relationship dynamics.


After the military I moved back home to pursue a degree in Family Science from the University of Maryland.

During this time, I established an online community of women. Discussions on dating and relationships led to sharing insights and strategies for success. 

I wasn’t dating much even though I wanted to date. None of the guys at school interested me as they were all younger.

But no worries, I knew my prince charming would eventually show up. Right?

I was attractive, so he had to show up and sweep me off my feet like they did in the movies.

Boy did I learn a valuable lesson on how wrong I was.


After wasting more years without dating, I had a wake-up call when one of my social media follower messaged me to tell me she had used some of my dating advice and was benefitting in her relationship - getting gifts from her date. However, she wanted to know how to make her relationship last and what to do next to become his girlfriend. I was flabbergasted, she was tangibly benefitting from my dating advice while I was still sitting at home waiting for my Prince Charming to show up!

I quickly learned that it is not the prettiest, slimmest, nor sexiest woman who gets the dream relationship and man (that is the illusion at first), but it is the woman who consistently puts herself out there and shows up for herself and what she wants.

After that message from my follower, I started to take my own dating advice. The realization that consistent action and self-investment yield results prompted a strategic shift. 


Within a year after that message from my follower I was married and no longer second guessing when the right man would show up. I took control of my dating life and got exactly what I wanted; all while reaping all of my womanly benefits in the relationship by allowing him to do the heavy lifting.

I can now say that the loving relationship I am in is not because of chance, whim or him. It is because of intention and effort.

My reward is having a loving husband who aligns with my values.

With him I can sit in my femininity and work on any creative measures I choose, if I choose. Or, I can relax, take trips, go shopping or do whatever I desire. None of this is because of luck.

If I were not with my husband, I would be reaping these same rewards with another great man. You will soon come to realize that nothing is ever lost and men are not limited editions.

Today, I share the empowering principle that when Women lead, Men follow and do the heavy lifting.



  • ​You have the power to make your dream man commit to you on YOUR timeline, while he does the courting.
  • "Leading without lifting" is the forgotten art of femininity. When you take the lead, it not only eliminates relationship limbo but also empowers him to step up. It’s a win-win!
  • ​Subtle actions are your superpower! True leadership isn't about being loud or pushy; it's about the nuances. You speak up when needed because you know it's valuable.
  • ​With Women lead Men Follow, you can create the relationship you desire, tailored to your​ timeline. ​


Many women feel they must wait for the man to take the lead I'm relationships, but you’ve seen where men’s romantic leading has gotten you – confused, unsatisfied and stuck in a state of limbo waiting for him to finally commit. Men's romantic leading leaves you with no control of the timeline or direction of the relationship.


  • ​Discover how to prioritize yourself and STILL succeed in love.
  • ​Unveil the "dating algorithm" that paves the way to marriage through our revolutionary Women Lead Men Follow: Dating Blueprint Course!
  • Embrace a fresh dating approach to dating that benefits you while allowing him to take charge of traditional gestures like asking you out, planning dates, and showing commitment—all on YOUR timeline. Now, that's true empowerment! ​

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