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Friday, September 15, 2023

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truth about Fatherless Men

Mark my words. We'll soon be seeing (if not already) an influx of old, sickly and downtrodden men with nary a dolla to their name nor a pot to piss in chasing behind able-bodied women begging for a commitment. They'll be coming with $100 rings from Walmart to profess their 'undeniable' love. These mfs didn't see the value in securing a stable/consistent relationship during their younger and more productive years but now that they're older and have nobody else to turn to, they're hoping that a naive and desperate for a commitment woman will take on their burden.

What's really happening is these mfs are realizing that they've squandered away all of their good years and have forsaken the necessary time it takes to build lasting relationships and foundations in lieu of temporary gratification and pleasures.

They are now waking up to the realization that they have absolutely NOBODY to turn to during their old age and time of need. They did not commit to any of their countless baby mamas nor did they PROPERLY invest in the countless children they had out of wedlock- in order to reap the rewards in their old age.

So, now that their health is deteriorating they're hoping that some gullible, desperate woman will take on their burden and support their desperate asses; financially, physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually. They're hoping that committing to a woman in their dire stage of life (or soon to be dire) will provide them with the necessary aide they will undoubtedly need. I call it the dying man's desperation and greed.

These mfs are looking for somebody to provide a roof over their head, food in their belly and a hand to wipe their shitty behinds. They know damn well none of their homeboys will do that shit for them. Moreover, they know none of their now grown offspring who they did not give a fuck about supporting besides the minimal child-support payments here and there, gives a living fuck about them. So, who do they turn to? The woman from their past they didn’t commit to, the woman who is desperate for a relationship and commitment, the woman with no sense who can’t see through their ulterior motives. Basically, any able bodied woman - at this point. They’ll take what they can get. Life has shown them they aren’t invisible and not the catch they once believed they were. Age, sickness, and hardknocks have caught up to them.

In the process of running away from their responsibilities, not building the necessary foundation with a woman (who statistically outlive them) and thinking it was “cool” to be out here in the streets running behind homeboys who couldn’t careless about them now. They’ve looked up only to be met with an advanced age that is no longer appealing to the women they desire. Sickness, financial hardships and lonesomeness has overtaken them. They have no prospects in sight, and no woman to run their old dirty games on.

So what do they do, whatever they can to get somebody, anybody in their life. “Yo, yo Queen-Goddess, the apple of my eyes. There is no one who can understand me like you. I'm looking for my wife, my queen, my lady Goddess to spend the rest of my life with and I think you could be the one, Queen."

They say this while they cough up blood-filled mucus. They fail to mention the baggage that is attached to them; the bad credit, and sickly exterior. They are spitting and shitting blood and there are literal worms eating out their decaying insides. These mfs are now 50+ years old and FINALLY ready to commit to "the ONE."

Unfortunately, there are women falling for the okey-doke. Women need not glance at any of these old, dirty bastards. If he isn't wealthy and ready to provide for you, curve his ass. Old ass men in need of a woman do not deserve sympathy.

If he isn't coming with a chariot, diamonds, gold, and the whole fucking Universe do not give him an ounce of your time. These sickly, defeated mfs will try every angle they can think of just to make sure they secure a wife in their old age. Will even promise you the entirety of their non-existent life insurance after their departure. Do not fall for the bullshit. What will end up happening is these mfs will end up outliving you. If he doesn't have an arena of gold to offer you NOW, carry your ass on. You do not need to be stressed out over a old, crusty man.

But trust and believe, THEY WILL TRY IT!


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