Female Infiltrators: Women Who Despise Yet Covet

Friday, February 16, 2024

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A Look into the Dark Side of Female Friendships

I've noticed, and I think I've been noticing this for quite some time now, maybe back to my high school days. There are a select and minute group of women who genuinely despise other women. They cannot stand their guts. However, these women will try to get in where they fit in. They will ingrain themselves into the dominant group of women, let's call them the popular crowd, the movers and the shakers. They play nice, offer out faux compliments, and root for whatever team those women are rooting for in order to form a bond of pseudo friendship.

Recognizing the Signs of Toxic Friendships

What they cannot hide is their disgusting stench and their corrupted energy. They will take a view their newfound socialite team likes and go beyond hardcore with it to the point of disparaging and abusing others for the sole purpose of proving to the group how down and hardcore they can be for the cause. They play favoritism to those they view as the leaders and those they view as stronger while calculatedly putting down others within the group. It's their way of moving up in ranks and getting to the top where the woman they consider numero uno resides. The only ones who can see their sick and demented spirit are the women they have stepped over or those who are astutely aware of energy.

The Imitation Game: A Sinister Form of Flattery

What begins to happen is these women will begin to imitate and emulate the dominant woman in the group. They will rearrange their entire life, image, and persona to be this woman. They will pretend that this is due to a mutual respect they have, but it is more sinister than that. These individuals do not grasp the concept of friendship and the mutual benefits of socialization. What they want is what the other person has. To become her or the essence of her.

Their abnormalities does not afford them the ability to form genuine friendships that is built on mutual respect and love. Their behavioral pattern is out of sync albeit they project that onto others. What they ultimately desire is the notoriety and love that others have that they can never seem to get, even when they share the same views or say the same things. What they don’t realize is it is never about what is said, but it is the heart and passion behind what is said that makes it resonate with others. They mistake passion for anger or loudness, it is not, albeit it can be presented in those ways.

They secretly lust after the idea of having people submit to them. Thus, they will put on a facade, and feign friendship to get to the prize they desire.

These individuals tend to be rude, harsh and overtly mean-spirited without a reason or cause. What those who encounter them cannot seem to put their fingers on is why, no matter how hard they try to blend in, said individual just seem to be (energetically) off. Even when they try to like them, they understand that there is something remotely odd and even sickening about them.

They always take everything just a bit too far. This is because they genuinely do not know when to stop, they don't know what is too much or not enough. They don't know how to truly empathize with others, although, these individuals have an habit of going out their way to pretend they are empaths.

Spotting the Infiltrator: The Subtle Signs

I've watched and encountered an individual who has conned her way into my circle of friends and is exactly as what I described above. She has always been off to me but I have tolerated her merely because she tried her best to kiss my ass and to stay on my good side. I've seen her become overtly mean-spirited to individuals she believed could not hold their own, while kissing the ass of those she knew she had to fall back to. She has gone out her way to overtly kiss my ass, and the ass of other individuals she believed she could use or gain certain benefits from. I decided to block all the accounts of this individual a while back without reason or provocation. I know it infuriated her to have one of her 'suppliers' so to speak, cut her off without a reason or explanation.

This individual is a massive hater of all women but will only confront women she knows the people in her group either do not like or are not fond of due to certain behavioral patterns. She pretends to be happy for those within the group she strives to "take-over" but is seething with jealousy, anger and hate. She will plant seeds of self-doubt and throw small shard of glass at others to see if she can rally others to gang up on said individual. She lacks accountability and will only take digs on those she knows her group is against. Or, she will create another pseudo persona, account or facade to confront those she wishes she could confront on her own merit without jeopardizing her place.

The Broken Child Within: Understanding Their Motives

What this woman is, is a broken child, who did not receive the love in her childhood that came so naturally for others. She despise other women for having the love that she does not have or did not receive. She despises that others have a more popular presence than she does. I've watched said individual slowly start to imitate the life of another friend. Everything this friend does, she will find a way to do, so much so that her entire image is starting to morph into this other person. It is like a sick and twisted lifetime movie.

Your Love Life: Don't Let the Infiltrator Win

An important aspect of cultivating a healthy romantic relationship is ensuring you're surrounded by positive, genuine friendships. Don't let these infiltrators drain you of your energy and skew your perception of healthy relationships. These infiltrators can make you question your self-worth, and this can spill over into your romantic relationships.

Have You Ever Met One of These Individuals?

Have you ever met one of these individuals? Your experiences and insights are important. Share them and let's shed more light on this dark side of female friendships. 


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