The Power of a Name: My Intuitive Journey to Naming My Daughter

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

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The Unexpected Urge to Choose a Name

What’s in a name?

A month or so before I became pregnant with my daughter (while actively trying to get pregnant) I started getting intuitions to choose a name for the baby. I thought choosing a name would come later on down the road once I was already pregnant and further into my pregnancy. However, it kept coming up for me within myself that I should start thinking about names.

What would I name my baby?

For a girl, I’ve always loved flowery and melodic sounding names like Rosie, Lilly, Melody. However, none of those names or any flowery names seemed quite right. I had loved the name Rosie and thought I would name my daughter that but two years prior when I adopted my dog I named her Rosie, not knowing at that point if I even wanted to have kids. So obviously Rosie was already taken and that too did not feel like the right fit.

Discovering the Perfect Name

Then one day as I was perusing my Instagram feed, I came upon a post by Vin Diesel (who by the way I did not follow). I stopped for a moment and read the caption. He was wishing his niece (the daughter of Paul Walker) a happy birthday. I thought to myself, how nice that he took her under his wings and still reaches out to her. I clicked on her profile and was hit by how beautiful her name is. Meadow. Wow, I had never heard anyone named Meadow before. And even though I loved all of the flowery names I had never once thought about including a Meadow into the mix. How could I have missed it?

Seeing the name Meadow and saying it out loud to myself invoked so many feelings within me. It felt like a remembrance in my soul and invoked a powerful intuitive knowing.

How could I feel this way about a name I had never heard before? I had never heard anyone named Meadow up until that point. The name was perfect, beautiful, melodic and encompassed all of the flowery names I had loved. Meadow was not only a flowery name but the embodiment of the entirety of it all. A meadow held all the flowers, animals and other unseen beings. I loved it.

However, even with such a strong feeling towards the name I was still not sure it was the right name for my child. Therefore, I decided I would still look around for other names and then see which ones I liked the best. But I knew Meadow was definitely a contender.

The Confirmation: A Sign from the Universe 

The next couple of days passed by and no other names came to me or seemed quite right. Then one day as I was driving, less than a week after hearing the name I came upon a stop sign and stopped for a few seconds. As I stopped at the stop sign (there were no other cars around) I suddenly started perusing over the name and really pondered if it could be the right name for my child. "Boy was it beautiful," I thought to myself. But how would I know for sure if it was the right name?
As I looked up to make my turn, I was immediately stunned by the name on the street sign. In front of me in big, bold, clear, physical letters was a street sign with the name “MEADOW” on it in bold capital letters. I couldn’t believe it, what were the odds that at the exact moment I was thinking about the name and pondering over it that it would be right in front of me. This is a street I had turned on a million times before and never took in the name in this manner nor had it resonated with me before. Immediately, I knew right away without a second thought that my child would be named Meadow and that I would be having a girl. This was a month prior to my pregnancy.

​As soon as the name was confirmed to me, I started buying M name signs to decorate the nursery as well as other girly meadowy themed items. And soon I became pregnant with my own Meadow.

Exploring the Spiritual Importance of a Name

Throughout my pregnancy I was really heightened spiritually and was drawn to all books that were of a spiritual nature. As I was reading one of those spiritual books I came upon a passage that said, choosing a baby’s name is of the utmost importance and that the angels and child will start to give the mother clues, signs and impressions about what the baby would like to be named/should be named.

The passage stressed the importance of the mother being the one to choose the child’s name the majority of the time since she will be given the impressions from the spiritual realm. It further went on to say that the mother should pay close attention to those feelings and impressions she’s getting since her awareness is in a more heightened and open state.

The book stressed that seldom should the father or anyone else beside the mother choose the baby’s name unless they have received an heightened impression of what the baby’s name should be or the mother is not as capable/less spiritually open. It said the child (being) coming in already knows what it should be named and then gives the name to the mother through various impressions she receives. BINGO!! It made all the sense, no wonder why Meadow was not a name I was aware of myself, it was the name she had chosen. But it was so in sync and complimented all of the flowery names I have always loved.

The book went on to say that sometimes when you want to call someone another name besides the name they were given or you keep mistaking them for another name, it is because it was probably the name they should’ve been given. It all made sense to me and confirmed why I had such a powerful feeling when I first heard the name Meadow.

My Mother's Story of Choosing Names

My mom told me that she knew my name would be Simone before I was born. She said she saw a cute little girl named Simone and thought that will be my daughter’s name. Likewise she always knew if she had a boy she would name him Brandon. And I swear our names are all so perfect for us.

The Miracle of Names: Our Second Dog, Kimura

When we adopted our second dog Kimura (Rosie’s twin sister) in 2020, 7 months after we had adopted Rosie, she had been returned to the animal shelter by two prior owners and was given two different names. I knew right away we would change her name.

Her previous names did not feel like the right fit and may have had negative memories for her. A few days before picking her up I gave my husband the task of choosing her name. On my list of to do items that I had for the dog trainer who would be coming the following week was “how do we get her to know her name.” However, the first day she came home and I said her new name while her back was turned away from me, she stopped what she was doing and turned around and looked me dead in the eyes with an inner knowing as though a memory was triggered. It’s like in that moment she knew innately the name was hers and we were her forever people and all was well. Ever since that moment she has come to us every time we said her name; I didn’t need to bring it up to her trainer the following week.

Other Inspiring Baby-Naming Stories

I follow Sydel Curry (Steph Curry’s sister) and she recently shared her baby naming story. Her baby Daxon is a few months older than Meadow. She said she and her husband, Damian knew they wanted their child to have a D name but could not quite find the right D name no matter how much they looked. However, while on their babymoon mini vacation  when she was 7 months pregnant they were sitting by the pool and someone was shouting the name “Daxon” at a cute little boy who was running around and they knew instantly that would be their baby’s name. BINGO! They had never heard the name before but knew it was the right name for their baby.

Other Commentary Based On This Post

"Thank you for sharing your naming journey with us. That was beautiful.

When I was pregnant with my son, I had the strongest impression he would be like my maternal grandfather. There were some things I hadn’t even known about my grandfather that I felt were true about him and would be true about my son.

I called my mom and told her the download I had received and she went “Yes, describes Dad perfectly”. She then shared wonderful stories with me from his younger days.

So my son is named after him. The similarities are uncanny. Some things my son says and does have stopped my mom in her tracks.

“Dad used to say that - exactly like that, same body language and everything - when I was a little girl! How would this baby know to do that?"


"I have 6 more weeks before giving birth.

I had chosen three names. One is my husbands name, but I wasn’t sure it was what I wanted to name him. They don’t do jr in Sweden, rather the name is just reused over again.

I had a miscarriage last summer before getting pregnant with my son and it absolutely devastated me. My husband took it much better but I cried daily for weeks. I couldn’t look at a baby or a child. I couldn’t stand the sound of a baby crying.

I just prayed daily for that baby to come back to me. I would have dreams about a little boy. And when I did get pregnant again I felt it was a boy. I would always dream about my husband and this little boy walking and when I would call my husbands name they both would answer.

But I still wasn’t sure about having him have the same name. I just thought sometimes a child needs their own identity.

But we had an appointment to get one of the HD scans where you can see the baby’s face. And when I saw his face I knew his name would basically be what translates to “light” In English. Yes still the same name as my husband but, when I saw his little face I just immediately thought “there’s my little guiding light”.

Now when I think about the grief and agony I was in from that first miscarriage and I think about my baby that’s about to be born, it truly is a situation where I feel like seeing light at the end of a long dark tunnel."

My response: "Yes for sure that’s his name. I definitely think he’s the same soul especially considering how close the timeline were. Time is so different on that other plane, it was no issue for him to wait a little longer.

“The incarnate parents also have significant influence as to which soul enters through them. Their daily thoughts, desires and purposes create a beacon for souls who respond to these energies. This is particularly true of the mother. Her daily activities and inner thoughts during the gestation period create a field much like a magnet would, attracting souls to the field of opportunity life as her child would offer. As you would expect, more than one soul may be attracted to the same mother-to-be. In such cases, the forces of cause and effect, the will power and desire of the mother and the souls wanting to incarnate combine to make the selection. The souls who were not chosen for the present entry may well come in through a later pregnancy if the opportunity is presented. Thereby becoming siblings of the souls who entered first; or they may go on to other families with whom friendships or other blood relationships would naturally form and be maintained with the original channel family.” -Edgar Cayce


"My middle baby, 10 years old…I’ve wanted a little girl named BROOKLYN ever since I was 17 years old, working as an assistant in a hair salon.

We had the show JUDGE JUDY on the tv EVERY DAY faithfully and one day, the case was a little girl who’d accidentally broken her neighbors cats leg by stepping on it. Judge Judy called the little girl up to the stand to testify and everything (my one and only time ever seeing that happen)… and the little girls name was Brooklyn. Judge Judy was enamored with her and her name, as she is originally from Brooklyn, and I thought: what a cute & clever name for a little girl. 💕

Years and years later, met and married a man named Brandon and we had our first daughter (he named her Brasia) and we decided to keep naming our kids with alllllll the exact same initials (starting with Br, specifically) and Brooklyn was a perfect fit!!"


"I’ve always been very spiritual and in tune with my ancestors. My children are my Jamaican ancestors reborn in me. I’ve dreamt of them (my ancestors) and they were very good to me. They took me in after my mother was not available or she gave me away.

My son was always my daughters big brother. I’ve seen him standing next to huge plants on a large plantation and I’ve seen him surveying giant pots full of sugarcane and fussing. But he was a kind old man to me. My daughter was my caregiver she would give me food from the pockets on her dress. She’d hug me and comfort me and I fell in love with her hundreds of years ago...I promised the trees that they could come back through me (neither of them had children in the past life)
When I saw the first Matrix and I saw the actress Gloria Foster I said “that’s what my daughter looks like her”

In their past life my children were absolutely devoted to each other. They took care of other people on the island and they never had any children of their own. The were kind people. My daughter (as my ancestor, I chose her) taught me how to wrap my hair up when cooking and working in the garden. She taught me herbs and she taught me how to make medicine. She taught me how to be a doctress all those centuries ago. I believe she and my son were the native Jamaicans. They were both very light skinned with long hair but they kept it away from their faces with cloth and these woven hats. My daughters name means “The mother of god beside the pool of life”

When I was dating a different guy than my ex husband I started to dream of her fiercely. I saw her on the beach. Pale skinned, dark hair...happy af and walking toward me...

In those days her name was Sara

I told my ex bf about my strong pull to her and I told him next year I’m gonna be pregnant with her. That man looked at me and said “Well then you won’t be pregnant by me” and he was right...
Actually, I was so disgusted by him saying that I had now qualms dumping him after 3 years of dating.
My baby was going to be born and I needed to prepare for her. So, i did.
I also felt strong energy that she should have lots of names and they all came to me. But, I have a tendency to nickname people.

She has like 5 nicknames (My son too) but, when I tell you that I know in my soul that my children are my chosen ancestors...

They are the Auntie and Uncle who reared and protected me.

Sometimes I still dream of them and thank them for what they did for me...and my son (as elder is not emotional just like now...he shows his love by acts of service) taught me to grow up...protect self provide for self, defend self. But, my daughter was my big Auntie...she taught me medicine and cooking and basket making. She taught me to fight and to heal and to laugh and to love. Of all the lives we have lived...

These two people have been with me.
I can’t tell you how much I love them both."

My commentary: "This is beautiful! And Omg she looks just like Gloria Foster!"

She continues: "Simone, I wanted to name her Glory but I’m not religious.... however one of her Nicknames is “Ree“...Glory Marie...Glory Mary
Mary Mother of God...

It all goes back to the Divine Feminine for me. Black indigenous Women have given me LIVES and I’m eternally grateful to them for their kindness and generosity. It has traveled with me and I will continue to honor the Dark Mother in all her incantations. My daughter is the Dark Mother...She is where I came from Simone.

The bond between mother and daughter is ancient...welcome to this sisterhood. Your daughter Is going to take you amazing places spiritually."

My commentary: "Yes, Meadow is quite spiritual. While pregnant with her I was drawn to every book that talked about bringing the earth back into balance and unison. I was led to books that showed the importance of all creatures especially trees, whales, dolphins and how they are higher enlightened beings, even more so than the majority of humans at this point in our evolution. Also learned about all of the nature spirits and elemental beings who have chosen to be hidden from us destructive humans. It was like I had a crash course on the earth and universe in those 9 months I was pregnant, in preparation for her and what I would teach her and what she would teach me. Her name ushered in our connection to nature and what we would do for nature and the new earth we would be inhabiting but better yet creating and facilitating for not only ourselves but for future generations.


"During my pregnancy, I was mostly unhappy and in disbelief. But, I was determined to give the baby all of the love I had, and to make sure she felt loved, safe and limitless. I got name suggestions from everyone, and nothing really “clicked”. My ex-husband recommended names that I absolutely hated (Helen, Juliette, Lumen were among his top picks), and I was getting weary. She was scheduled to be born in late April, so I told him and my mom, “If she’s born in April, I’ll name her April, but if she’s born in May, I’ll name her Mae”. I was THAT TIRED of thinking about names.

Then one day, I was listening to my favorite singer, Lina, just relaxing and trying to make sense of things. The tracks included (in this order), I’ll Stick Around, Joy, and Feel The Love. I was looking at a Target catalog when I saw a cute little girl model that looked like she could be my (future) daughter, and the song “Joy” was playing. The lyrics just … Spoke to me at that moment. Every time she said Joy, I knew that was the name for my baby. The entire album was a love song, and that’s the energy I wanted to surround this baby. I texted my ex-hubs to tell him the name (he was in a different room LOL) and he loved it. So it was settled easily - her name would be Joy.

Saying her name healed my heart, and I’m not even exaggerating. You already know about the power of words, so I won’t regale you with my thoughts. Her name reminded me of what was possible: a joyful mothering experience, a joyful life with this human being. And I lost count of how many times I’ve been told that her name is perfect, it fits her, that she *is* a joy, and that she’s a “joy to the world” or how “joy cometh in the morning”. It’s the implication of happiness and hope that make her name so special to me.

Now I use her name as a sign: when house hunting a few years ago, I wasn’t sure about the house that I ended up buying. But, as I pondered whether I should purchase, I drove past Joi Lane, and I knew this was our neighborhood. I bought it and I had zero regrets. Whenever I see Joy written anywhere, I stop and pay attention (that’s why I loved when you mentioned that you saw Meadow on a street sign!) Everywhere I went on vacation, I saw Joy as part of store names, and I took pics every time I saw it. I knew that I was exactly where I needed to be. Wherever there is Joy, there is where I’ll be.

Now, after telling this story, I realize I need to get back on the hunt to repurchase that album by Lina (my original digital download got lost and Amazon didn’t have any other way for me to get it). Let me go find that album …"

My commentary: "What a delightful naming experience. I love her name. I keep joy nametag, figurines and images in all the rooms in my home as a reminder to myself to always be joyous.  But what a beautiful reminder for you to have your own personal Joy with you.

2 weeks before Meadow was born we moved into a beautiful house with a big but empty backyard. And now I keep getting the impression that I have to turn it into a beautiful Meadow with the help of nature and my Meadow. When I’m in the backyard I get the feeling that yes while the house is nice we are really there for the nature the yard offers. I see it being a sanctuary and oasis for us, for nature, animals and like-minded people. I envision many trees back there that we will have to plant, both flowering, fruits and herb trees. Lots of wild flowers, vegetable gardens and many bird feeders strung throughout the backyard."

Her commentary: "Simone, I can’t wait to see the meadow that comes from you and your daughter’s hands! That’s going to be such an amazing project, and you’re going to be able to give her so many beautiful life lessons in that oasis you create."


"I was 5/6 years old when I knew that my first Daughter would be named Jael (Ya-elle) don't know why, I had a best friend at the time with that name (was going to a Jewish) school and that name stuck with me."


"This is such a beautiful post I just wanted to say that before I dive in.

Aijalon (Ayalon Valley) is a valley in Israel. It means place of deer and valley of gazelles. It’s in the book of Joshua in the Bible. There’s a very poetic verse that caught my mother’s attention.

Joshua prayed that God help the Israelites in their battle by stopping the sun:

“Then Joshua spoke to the Lord on the day when the Lord delivered the Amorites before the children of Israel; and he said in the sight of Israel:

Joshua said: "Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Aijalon"

What he witnessed was a solar or lunar eclipse.  Researchers claim epic Biblical story is earliest account of annular eclipse that occurred on October 30, 1207 BCE; also helps pinpoint reigns of Pharaohs Ramesses and Merneptah.

My mother named me Aijalon which the English pronunciation is
(eye-JAH-lon) but the Israeli pronunciation Ayalon is (eye-YAH-lon)… there’s no J sound in Hebrew. The first A is always silent.

My commentary:
"Aijalon, the name fits you perfectly. You are very Gazelle like. They are such stunning and modelsque animals. I remember the episode of American next top model where one of the girls had to pose like a Gazelle and it came out so beautifully. Love the biblical connotation as well."

Her commentary: "Simone, thank you so much. I am long and slender like a gazelle. 😅 I remember that America’s Next Top Model episode! One of my favorite episodes."

Her commentary: "I’m 9 weeks pregnant. This post came at the right time. My partner wants to name the baby and not letting me choose but after reading your post. I definitely believe I should."

Ladies, let's continue the baby-naming tradition

Ladies, let's continue the baby naming tradition that we were delicately put in charge of by the angelic and spiritual realm. The angels and your baby are awaiting those quiet, unexpected moments to shower you with divine inspiration that has within it the perfect name for your baby.

With love and radiance,


My Meadow :)

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